Experience a dynamic community, stunning locations, and a perfect balance of work and leisure. Connect with like-minded individuals, explore breathtaking environments, and embrace the blend of productivity and relaxation.

Upcoming Workations

Explore our upcoming Workations and discover your ideal destination and season. We host Workations throughout the year and regularly update this page with new events. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can also book flexible dates at your convenience to join us.

Upcoming Academies

Explore our upcoming Academies and delve into focused learning experiences with digital nomads. Connect, learn, and grow in a dynamic environment tailored to your interests.
Can't find what you want? Propose it to us!

What You'll Get

  • Accommodation
    Swiss Alps or Montenegrin Coasts? Choose your favourite between our four Coliving areas!
    We feature individual, double and 3 to 6 bed shared rooms in all our spaces.
  • Coworking and Wi-fi
    Spacious well lit Coworking spaces in all locations.
    Fast wi-fi connection, fine coffee and tea will always be free and provided.
    Our spaces feature phone booths and meeting rooms.
    Also you'll have printer, projector and white boards.
  • Good company
    Thanks to Coliving you'll always work and be in company of like minded people. How many professional (and non) things can you learn from them?
  • Skill share
    We facilitate knowledge and skill exchanges between the members of our community and our residents, via weekly masterminds, skill share workshops and 1 to 1 mentoring sessions.
  • Ski Pass for one year
    Ski for the whole Winter season with the "Pass St. Bernard" in the three ski resorts in our area! Enjoy activities such as stand up and pedal paddle in the nearby lakes in Summer.
    Take the local buses for free and much more.
    All for only 90€ for one year.

    Furthermore: Verbier - 4 Vallées, the third biggest ski area in the world is just 20 minutes away from our place.
  • Excursions
    Our Coliving areas are surrounded by outstanding natural landscapes. Together we explore the Swiss Alps in our free time or work by the sea in Montenegro.
  • Catering
    We cook together in our community kitchen and share meals and flavors from around the world.
    Depending on the season you may find a chef cooking for the coliving spaces.
  • Programmes
    We organize special activities on a regular basis. Workshops, excursions, night skiing and much more!
  • Parties
    Parties are also part of our Workation experience. Work hard, play hard!
Blending Business with Leisure: The Rise of the Workation Trend

At Coliving.frilingue, over a span of two weeks, we artfully balance work and leisure, maintaining a 50/50 split between the two. While we provide an interactive and stimulating environment filled with captivating activities, we ensure participants can still efficiently complete their work.

Our setup draws individuals from varied professional backgrounds and different countries, fostering intercultural exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration. Embracing a mix of generations, we encourage intergenerational dialogue and mutual learning. Amidst this dynamic blend, participants never feel isolated; there's always an opportunity to connect, share insights, and learn from peers. What's more, our itinerary is rich with a range of outdoor adventures, promising a comprehensive and memorable experience.

One of the primary attractions of a workation is the ability to work from a place that is more relaxing or inspiring than the regular office. This could be a peaceful stay in Liddes nestled in the Swiss Alps or a secluded getaway in Braunwald, renowned for its car-free environment and breathtaking mountain views.
A workation isn't just about working; it's also about taking breaks to enjoy the surrounding environment, be it exploring local sights, participating in activities, or simply relaxing.
Workations offer the flexibility to structure the day to fit both work commitments and leisure activities. For instance, someone might choose to work in the early morning hours and then take a break to go hiking in the afternoon.
While workations might be temporary for many, there's a segment of the population, known as digital nomads, who continuously combine work and travel, moving from one destination to another.
Workations typically rely on good internet connectivity, allowing professionals to conduct their regular job responsibilities from a different location than their typical workplace.
Unconferences and Mastermind Sessions
Workations provide unique settings for "unconferences" - informal conferences where attendees determine the agenda - and mastermind gatherings, where small groups collaborate intensively to brainstorm and share knowledge.
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