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Join Nomad Academies for a transformative one-week coliving experience, blending peer-to-peer learning, expert sessions, and hands-on projects for digital nomads. Dive deep into one topic, connect, and grow!

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Explore our upcoming Academies and delve into focused learning experiences with digital nomads. Connect, learn, and grow in a dynamic environment tailored to your interests.
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Peer-powered Learning: Dive into our Academies for an unforgettable week of collaboration and growth!

"Embark on a transformative week with our Academies — a blend of peer-to-peer learning, expert sessions, and hands-on projects for digital nomads. Half learning, half working, participants collaborate with diverse peers, gaining insights and inspiration.Collaborate, gain insights, and apply practical wisdom in a supportive environment. Join us for an unforgettable week of learning, collaboration, and adventure!."

Are you an expert or just starting out?
Our academies unite individuals from various levels to share ideas, learn collaboratively, engage in recreational activities, and provide support to one another.
Nomad Fest Academy
1st - 7th September 2024
Coliving Petit Velan
Nomad Fests around the world
We at Coliving.frilingue are co-owners of the world's largest nomad festival in Bansko. Our goal is to organize several nomad festivals around the world together with the community in the coming years. Do you want to learn how to do this? Then join our Nomad Festival Academy!
Retreat Academy aka the RetreatRetreat powered by
15th to 21st September 2024
Coliving Petit Velan Switzerland
Learn how to create your own Reatreats, Workations, Masterminds, Hiking Week, Company Retreat
Have you ever considered initiating an event? During this one-week gathering, we share insights on pitfalls to avoid, effective strategies, venue selection, team organization, volunteer management, and aspects of finance and marketing.
Speakers Academy powered by Derek Smith
22nd to 28th September 2024
Coliving Petit Velan Switzerland
Learn how to be an expert speaker
Did you know that rhetoric was considered one of the ancient Greeks' primal virtues? Do you aspire to take the stage yourself, captivating audiences and imparting valuable advice? Or are you already an experienced speaker seeking to elevate your skills further by gaining valuable insights from others? If so, you've come to the right place.
Entrepreneurs Academy - powered by Dancing Latitudes
29th September to 5th October 2024
Coliving Petit Velan Switzerland
From entrepreneur to entrepreneur
At our entrepreneurs' meetup, you'll learn essential skills to boost your business. In addition to pitching, writing business plans, and creating business models, you'll explore market research, financial management, and effective marketing strategies. We also cover networking, sales techniques, leadership, and team building. Legal and regulatory compliance, technology integration, time management, and customer relationship management are also key topics. This comprehensive event will help both new and experienced entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of the business world and drive their ventures towards success.
Weekly program
Please be aware that the week is designed to be flexible. You will have ample free time for one-on-one meetings or to coach each other on various topics. We have organized an excursion program, which is subject to change and is offered at cost; however, participation in these excursions is not mandatory and entirely optional.


Our experts will deliver speeches, and rather than adhering to a fixed program, we'll organize them based on participants' needs. Additionally, our experts will showcase best practice cases to enrich the learning experience.
At our academies, we provide the flexibility to tailor your day to accommodate both work responsibilities and engagement in peer-to-peer exchange. For instance, one might opt to work during the early morning and then join peers for an afternoon hike, exchanging insights on a chosen topic.
Our objective is to unite individuals with varying levels of experience, from novices to seasoned professionals. Those with more expertise are encouraged to deliver a 15 to 30-minute speech on a topic they excel in. They pay a reduced fee but nonetheless benefit from valuable insights exchanged within the group.
Unconferences and Mastermind Sessions
Within our academies, we offer exclusive environments for "unconferences," informal gatherings where participants shape the agenda, and mastermind sessions, facilitating intensive collaboration among small groups to brainstorm and exchange expertise.